About Us

PT Antesena Geosurvey indonesia was established as specialized for surface and near surface application solution, such as

  • Utility Detection
  • Concrete Assessment
  • Groundwater Exploration And Exploitation
  • Mapping Survey
  • Mapping Geological Features
  • Void Detection
  • Boulder Detection
  • Bedrock Depth
  • Clay Mapping


GEoradar / gpr + GPS RTK

High resolution for detecting subsurface object such as: utility (pipes, wire) fault, sink hole. pavement structures, etc


Useful for wide range investigation such as: ground water, mineral resources, boulder, voids, clay, bed rock depth, etc


A drone is an airplane without a human pilot. The flight is controlled remotely by a computer on an airplane or by a remote control pilot on land.

GPS Geodetic

GPS geodetic coordinate measuring instrument using the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite system where the accuracy is very high and has the accuracy produced very accurately


assessment structural elements in concrete such as rebar, measure slab thickness, detect voids , and locate cable/pipe

Microseismic / HVSR

Investigation of Soil vulnerability, detecting of soft rock thickness, and determination of highly fractured zone

Multichannel Analysis Surface Wave

is a seismic characterization method based on geometric dispersion analysis of surface waves, where the vertical distribution of dynamic shear modulus of a subsurface layer can be obtained by this method.

Our Core Values

Experienced engineer

We have a staff with full of experience in geosurvey project, thats can help to finish your problems.

Sophisticated tools

We always give the best tools thats we have, for completing our project, then we could give the best thats we can for your problems.

Proven in our project

We can give a solution for your geotechnical problem, with our great tools and experienced staff/

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